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Hello! Welcome to sirius_remus100! This is a drabble community for the Sirius/Remus pairing. That means slash -- M/M -- relationships. Please click the back button if slash offends you. New challenges are posted every Sunday, and posting is open to all members.

Simple and fair rules:

* All drabbles are to be exactly 100 words.

* All posts are to include a title, word count, challenge, characters, and rating.

* Attention to spelling and grammar are expected. You can find a free online spellchecking program at Spellcheck.net. Think you might need a beta reader? Try hp_betas.

* Please respect all members. That means no flaming or fandom wanking. Offenders will be removed from the community immediately.

* No off-topic posts.

* Original characters are allowed, but please try to keep Sirius and Remus the main focus.

* Please place multiple posts and any inappropriate or R/NC-17 material behind a cut.

Mods: theoreticalpixy and anothersaturday. If you have any questions, or would like to suggest a weekly challenge feel free to e-mail either of us.


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